Board of Directors

The Tallahassee Fire Protection District (the “District”) is a Special District, which is a type of local government that is defined by, and must abide by, Colorado statutes.  It has a five-member Board which is the general governing body of the District, oversees all aspects of the District, and carries out the business of the District in public meetings.  To qualify as a Director of a special district, a person must be an eligible elector (which is defined as a registered voter of Colorado) and either:
            1.    a resident of the District, or
            2.    the owner of taxable real or personal property situated in the District.
Directors generally serve a term of four years and the terms are staggered to limit the effects of a single election on the composition of the Board.

The Directors elect a President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  When terms expire or a vacancy occurs, new volunteers are needed to serve on the District Board.  In May 2022, the District will have two terms expiring:  District Treasurer and District Director.  Looking for a challenge that also brings about great rewards?  Then please give some thought to volunteering your time and talent to these important District Board positions.

Do not be scared away if you see position listed as “elected official.”  We are happy to discuss the requirements and share our own experiences.  None of our Board members are “politicians.”  We are government in its most basic form -- local citizens helping to manage a service for their local community.

Do not get bogged down by the details.  We are here to train you to be successful in any Board position.  Training lasts as long as you need it -- there is no expiration date.  Transitions are run smoothly and with the utmost respect.

All TFPD Board Meetings are open to the public.  Feel free to join us at any time in order to experience a meeting for yourself.  We look forward to meeting you!

Currently, the District Board consists of:

PRESIDENT/CHAIRPERSON:  The President, or Chairperson, is the Chief Executive of the District, and supervises all activities and functions of the District, subject to any resolution, ordinance or direction of the Board.  The President serves as Chairperson at all meetings at which the President is in attendance.  Anyone with senior management experience will be familiar with the responsibilities and tasks, but the time commitment is significantly less than a full-time position.  This position is an elected official. 
            Current President/Chairman:  Scott Fullerton                         Current Term Expires:  May 2023
            Email Address:                          Following Term Expires:  May 2027

VICE PRESIDENT:  The Vice President’s primary duty is to support and work closely with the District President.  In the event the President resigns, or is removed, absent, or disabled, the Vice President performs the President’s duties.  Likewise, the Vice President assumes duties if the President is absent from a meeting, or disqualified from participating in an agenda item for conflict of interest or other reasons.  This position is an elected official.
            Current Vice President:  Brad Nelson                                       Current Term Expires:  May 2023
            Email Address:                               Following Term Expires:  May 2027

TREASURER:  The Treasurer is the principal financial officer of the District.  The Treasurer keeps strict and accurate accounts of all monies received by and disbursed on behalf of the District in permanent records.  The Treasurer works independently to compose and maintain the District Budget, track revenue/expenses, interact with the District Fire Chief and District’s accountant and/or bookkeeper.  Accounting or financial experience is preferred, but not required.  Residents known for their honesty, diligence, accuracy and attention to detail have served very well in this position.  This position is an elected official.
            Current Treasurer:  Christopher Parker                                   Current Term Expires:  May 2022
            Email Address:                              Following Term Expires:  May 2025

SECRETARY:  The Secretary is the “Custodian of Records.”  The Secretary must work independently, compose minutes for the District Board Meetings, file/post/email statutory and county filings, is responsible for maintaining the District database (including monetary donations), District website, District file system, District Google Drive, and handling District communications and community outreach.  The Secretary needs to obtain a Notary Public commission for the State of Colorado.  Microsoft Word and Excel skills are very important.  This is an excellent role for anyone with a passion for organization, diligence and attention to detail.  This position may or may not be an elected official. 
            Current Secretary:  Cynthia Boyle                                           Current Term Expires:  May 2023
            Email Address:                               Following Term Expires:  May 2027

DIRECTOR:  All previous positions are elected from, and by, the Directors (although the Secretary is not required to be).  The Directors not serving in an additional role are just as invested in the District as the others and provide their ideas, counsel and experience on all matters before the Board.  Some also lead committees and projects that are established from time to time.  Directors are elected officials.
            Current Director:  Harvey Ammel                                            Current Term Expires:  May 2022
            Email Address:                           Following Term Expires:  May 2025

            ·    All positions may be asked to perform other duties as assigned by the Board.

            ·    Currently, regular Board Meetings are held the second Monday of each month @ 2:00 p.m.
            ·    Special Board Meetings are held as needed.
            ·    Please feel free to send an email to any current District Board member with any questions.
            ·    Another option is to call 1-800-316-8233 with any questions.