Emergency Medical Information Program



The Tallahassee Fire Protection District ("TFPD") Board of Directors has launched the TFPD Emergency Medical Information ("EMI") Program.

What is the TFPD EMI Program?  It is a TFPD community-wide voluntary program designed to help your TFPD First Responders to quickly obtain a synopsis of your medical history, your support needs, and your emergency contact information in any emergency situation -- right from the form inside the plastic baggie found on your refrigerator door.  It could help save your life!  Every second counts!

Do you really need to participate in the TFPD EMI Program?  Imagine taking a bad fall in your home.  Your spouse calls 911.  TFPD First Responders arrive at your door, they enter the premises, and are ready to help you.  Because you are in a lot of pain and your spouse is frantic, neither one of you are in the right state of mind to answer questions concerning your health history.  Both of you are scared and anxious.  So much time is lost in trying to gain the much-needed medical information in order to begin safely treating you!

Now imagine taking that bad fall, your spouse calls 911, TFPD First Responders arrive at your door and see the TFPD EMI Decal.  This decal alerts them that you are a participant in the TFPD EMI Program.  One of the responders goes to your refrigerator and grabs the plastic baggie containing your TFPD EMI Form.  Instantly, they know if you are on a blood thinner, what medications you are currently taking, what allergies you might have -- and they are able to begin treating you right away.  No time is lost!

What will you receive?  A plastic baggie packet that has a TFPD EMI Decal applied to the front.  Inside the baggie, you will find another TFPD EMI Decal, a Why? + Instructions Sheet, and two EMI Forms.  Follow the instructions as shown.

What will you need to do?  First, simply complete the EMI Form.  Upon completion, this form will contain your vital personal medical information so that in any emergency TFPD First Responders will have instant access to your medical history.  This means TFPD First Responders will know the best treatment for you and can help you faster.  Fold and insert your completed EMI Form(s) back into the plastic baggie, and securely tape the plastic baggie to the front of your refrigerator.  You will also need to apply the provided TFPD EMI Decal near the most commonly-used door for entry into your home.  Mount the decal someplace visible -- as close to eye level as possible -- preferably no more than three feet from either side of your door.  Air and surface temperature must be above 55 degrees for decal application.  This decal will adhere to clean, smooth, and glossy surfaces -- such as glass.  It is important to clean your surface before application.  Rough, dull, peeling, porous, or dirty surfaces are not acceptable surfaces. 

What is the cost to you?  The TFPD totally sponsors this program.  There is no cost to you.

How do you receive your baggie packet?  TFPD will hand out these baggie packets at TFPD Events, POA/HOA meetings where our Fire Chief makes a presentation, and there will be a supply on hand at the Main Station.  You are also welcome to send an email to:  info@talxfire.com  OR  call 800-316-8233 to get a baggie packet delivered directly to you.

We encourage you to become a TFPD EMI Program participant!
Help US help YOU in an emergency situation!


Remember, it is up to you to keep your medical information up to date.  The EMI Form is only as good as the information you provide.

Please click HERE for the Why? + Instructions Sheet.
Please click HERE for the Emergency Medical Information Form.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to:  info@talxfire.com  OR  call 800-316-8233.

EMI Program