Mission, History & Services


The Tallahassee Fire Protection District ("TFPD") works with citizens to deliver quality emergency response, resulting in a safer community through prevention, preparedness and public education.


TFPD History:

Located in the Rocky Mountains, in northwestern Fremont County, Colorado, and named for Tallahassee Creek southeast of Waugh Mountain, the TFPD services 361 square miles of mostly rugged land.  Our population is concentrated in a handful of subdivisions, ranches and valleys. Approximately half of our fire protection area is either state or federal land. Our elevations range from 6,200 feet in the southeast to the 11,709-foot summit of Waugh Mountain.

The TFPD was organized on November 28, 2016​ by a vote of our residents.  The TFPD took over operations from the Tallahassee Fire Protection, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 1999.

The TFPD provides wildland fire protection, rescue and emergency medical response on a volunteer basis within our designated District.  We work in partnership with the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado State Forest Service, and other firefighting agencies.


TFPD Services:

The TFPD serves the 361 square miles in the Northwestern section of Fremont County, Colorado, and specializes in wildland and wildland-urban interface firefighting as well as medical rescue and response. TFPD is recognized across Fremont County and the State of Colorado as a top-notch rural fire department!

1) Wildfire:
The TFPD will provide wildland fire protection services within the District to suppress and control any wildfire incident.  TFPD will cooperate with neighboring agencies in support of wildfire land operations in neighboring areas.  TFPD will also coordinate with State and Federal agencies for large wildfire events both locally and distant.

2) Rescue:
TFPD will provide rescue operations, including rescues from structures and vehicles, within the capabilities of the organization.  It will support other rescue operations that occur in the District utilizing outside agencies specializing in a given type of rescue as circumstances dictate.

3) Medical:
TFPD will provide Emergency Medical Services, as available, for initial patient assessment and stabilization.  Medical transport services will be provided by the best means possible to support patient care, including ground and air support.

4) Mitigation:
TFPD will provide programs that support education, mitigation and training to the public to reduce the risk of fire in structures and the wildland interface.