Recognition Nominee Form


At the TFPD Open House on August 28, 2021, the TFPD Board of Directors/Recognition Committee placed a plaque at the TFPD Main Station which honors those individuals -- both past and present -- who have made a substantial impact on our organization.  Going forward, it is our intent to continue to add names to this plaque -- with the new Honorees unveiled annually at future TFPD Open House events.

The goal is to:

  • include those individuals that literally started this organization from the ground up -- the very early days -- our early pioneers.
  • include individuals who have gone above and beyond while holding positions in our organization.
  • include our staunch supporters over the years who have volunteered and helped in other, numerous ways.

Please take a look at the 2021 & 2022 Honorees.  Did we miss someone that you feel should be added to this plaque?  Are you aware of someone who played a key role in the history of our current day, top-notch organization?  If so, TFPD would love to hear from you by submitting nominees for our consideration.

Any questions:  Please send an email to  OR  call 1-800-316-8233.

Please download and print the Recognition Nominee Form and complete all necessary information.  Follow the directions as shown.

Thank you!





          Ida Zanmiller                                Walt Zanmiller

          Orlan Lighty                                  Betty Lighty

          Dan Ainsworth                               J. D. Ainsworth

          Bill Hale                                        Mary Hale

          Becky Moser                                  Larry Moser

          Curtis Eulert                                  Ann Eulert

          Virgil Burke                                   Marcia Stoddart

          Gordon Roetker                             Dale Rideout

          Tess Matassoni                               Michael Meyrick

          Donna Toeroek



          Fred Arnold                                    Paul Vertrees

          Barb Capozzella                             Cy Oenbring

          John Read                                      Kathie Levy

          David Matassoni                             Harvey Ammel

          Misty Dawn Smith