Community Enhancements & First Responder Safety


TFPD Community Enhancements


AMKUS Spreader
Thanks to the generous unrestricted donations received in 2021, TFPD put those funds toward the purchase of an AMKUS Spreader -- a battery-powered rescue tool used for extrication purposes at motor vehicle accidents. Community SUPPORTING Community!

Smokey Signs
Thanks to the generous unrestricted donations received in 2020, TFPD was able to purchase a Smokey the Bear Fire Danger Sign. See it at the Main Station. YOUR Community dollars at work!

CDOT Sign 5
Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) provided four (4) TFPD boundary signs within our District – on US Highway 50 (east and west District edges) and State Highway 9 (north and south District edges).

Gravel Main Station 11
TFPD Main Station Driveway Project is complete. THANK YOU to Martin Marietta/Parkdale Quarry (Josh Esquibel, Plant Manager) for their donation of almost 200 tons of rock material and Currant Creek Partnership (Pat & Lori Long) for completing the work!

TFPD Entry/Exit Signs
You will see these signs TFPD boundary signs at nine (9) Entry/Exit points throughout the District.

Street Name Signs
Reflective Street Name Signs added in one Subdivision to help guide First Responders to the proper location.

TFPD First Responder Safety Equipment


LifePak 15a
Stryker LIFEPAK 15 - Provides high performance in challenging situations. Critical for all 911 calls. It is a patient vital signs monitor and defibrillator used extensively by TFPD Emergency Medical personnel.

Gas Leak Detector a
TFPD First Responders will be able to detect and locate flammable gases at any responded incident with this Gas Detector.

Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angel Law Enforcement Red/Blue Wearable Safety Light will improve TFPD First Responder safety during traffic incidents.
Kestrel Fire Weather Kit

Kestrel Fire Weather Kit - This is high-tech, top-of-the-line equipment.  The TFPD Firefighters will be able to measure weather conditions, view trends and export weather observations quickly and easily at or near an incident.  The Kestrel 5500 Fire Weather Meter Pro can send real-time local weather updates via Bluetooth -- such as measurements of probability of ignition, fine dead fuel moisture, wind speed/direction, altitude, barometric pressure, relative humidity, dewpoint, wind chill, air/water/snow temperature, etc.  The Kestrel Fire Weather Kit will be a huge help in monitoring actual fire weather in the field.


Ice Suit
This is an Ice Suit used for water rescue. It is designed for utilization on ice or in extremely cold, frigid water.

Hazmat Items d
Hazmat Equipment is carried on TFPD apparatus. It includes absorbent, pads and booms which are utilized on-scene to absorb liquids. Booms can be placed across waterways to absorb oils or fuels. Bags of absorbent are used for spilled liquids.

Pet Rescue Kit
This Pet Rescue Kit contains a device that allows First Responders to resuscitate pets that may be overcome by smoke or other toxic fumes.

Water Rescue

Swift Water Rescue Equipment - The box contains a shooting line device in order to get a line across waterways and areas not otherwise easily accessible.  Life vests and helmets are a necessity.  The poles probe waterways, and the red throw bags are utilized to throw a rope to individuals struggling in waterways.  Did you know TFPD has seven certified Swift Water Technicians?  The only other agency in Fremont County that has individuals with this special certification is Fremont County Search and Rescue. 


Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Equipment - These rope bags and all other hardware shown are used for climbing or descending (depending on the terrain) for mountain rescues.  The yellow harness is a safety harness that is placed on those individuals that have special rescue needs and/or is required for their safety.  The red helmets shown above are also utilized for all mountain rescues.