Administrative & Technical Support

ACCOUNTING/BOOKKEEPER:  The accountant provides general bookkeeping services, processing monthly income and expense items, processing of payroll, and month-end reconciliations, close and reporting.  The accountant also works closely with the Treasurer on appropriate asset management, depreciation, cash flow planning and other general financial matters.  The accountant is also a key participant in the annual audit.  Previous accounting or bookkeeping experience is required.  Experience with QuickBooks or similar software will be very helpful.  Most tasks can be accomplished at home.

CLERICAL:  There are a wide variety of clerical tasks available depending on your interests, experience and availability.  They include:

  • Data entry for a variety of State, insurance and other reporting systems.  This could be done from home in some cases.
  • Compliance Monitoring – Equipment:  Ensures that equipment calibrations, periodic maintenance, spare parts and other activities are performed and properly documented.
  • Compliance Monitoring – Personnel:  Ensures that training certifications, recertification, continuing education and other personnel matters are anticipated, completed and properly documented.

DEPLOYMENT FILINGS (Backup):  When District Firefighters are deployed to out-of-district fire incidents, the District bills the State for their payroll and related expenses via an online processing system.  An individual in this volunteer position would assist in reviewing deployment documentation, entering information in the Fire Billing System, and coordinating with the District Accountant for payments to deployed persons.  General computer system knowledge is required and this activity could be done from home.

DESIGNATED ELECTION OFFICIAL (DEO):  The Designated Election Official is appointed by the Board to handle all the details and duties associated with District elections when they are required.  Duties may include:  calling for nominations, establishing polling places, printing ballots, appointing Election Judges, verifying absentee and permanent absentee voters, appointing watchers, ballot certification, canvassing votes.  If there are no more candidates than offices to be filled, handle all aspects of cancelling the election.  The DEO would also handle all aspects of any TABOR or Mill Levy election.  

EDICAL TRAINING INSTRUCTORS:  If you are certified to train any medical classes, we need you!  TFPD sponsors community medical training programs such as First Aid, CPR/AED, Stop the Bleed, etc., so that neighbors can help neighbors until emergency medical personnel arrive.



PLEASE NOTE:  Training will be provided for all Volunteer positions.

Please contact us by email (info@talxfire.com) or by phone (800-316-8233) if you are interested in any of these Volunteer positions.